Head of the Chair

Dmitry A. Shuklin

PhD, Associate Professor

+7 (812) 373-32-68; +7 (911) 958-61-41


design.ifmo.ru, cad.ifmo.ru

Gastello, 12, office 312

Questions relating the Master's degree, teaching at professional retraining courses, authorized training in "Autodesk", you can set to the head of the chair, as well as in social networks groups:

Members of the chair

Dmitry A.Shuklin, PhD, associate Professor, head of the Chair;

Victor I.Pogorelov, PhD, professor;

Irina B.Gotskaya, PhD, professor;

Ilya B.Gosudarev, PhD, associate Professor;

Evgeny V.Shalobaev, PhD, associate Professor;

Igor A.Solovyev, PhD, senior lecturer;

Alexander V.Flerov, associate Professor;

Filipp A.Perepelitca, senior lecturer, director of the IERC "Autodesk";

Dina V.Zimina, lecturer;

Michael D.Alekseev, lecturer;

Asel Romanova, lecturer.



The main chair training areas:

Directions of research work:

  • The use of distance learning technologies in the implementation of Master's and continuing professional educational programs;
  • Research methods of designing interfaces (UI, UX-design, adaptive and generative design);
  • Research and analysis of the various platforms for the development and design of Web-sites;
  • Features and capabilities of three-dimensional modeling applied to various areas of reality capture technology, three-dimensional solutions for mobile platforms;
  • Methods to optimize the development of web-applications using frameworks;
  • Research on the use of cloud technology for computer graphics tasks;
  • Information Technology life cycle modeling in engineering and construction. PLM and BIM technology.

Full-time and distance Master's programs:

Full-time and distance professional retraining and qualification:

  • Web-technologies;
  • Design and layout of printed products;
  • Interior Design;
  • Engineering Design (International Educational Research Center "Autodesk");
  • Teacher training in the field of modern IT.

The learning process is carried out by qualified teachers, including PhD and Doctors of Sciences, the majority of professors have international certificates.

Highly skilled practitioners of publishing and Web-based studios participate in the learning process. The latest version of the software products of leading manufacturers in the field of computer graphics are used in the training.

Extensive experience in training specialists and qualified teachers allowed to develop and submit to the Ministry of Education set of documents and programs for approval by the state requirements in the direction of "expert in the field of computer graphics and Web-design (Web-designer)", which were approved by Order of the Ministry of Education №3747.

Full-time and distance learning is conducted in Russian currently. Distance master's programs «Web-technology" and "Computer graphics and web-design" will be held in English from September 2018 for foreign students.